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Mission and Vision Statement

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Strengthening our community one CHILD at a time!


Mission Statement

We, the faculty and staff at Elk Knob Elementary, take pride in providing an environment of acceptance, which helps each child develop a positive self-concept, enhance individual strengths, build ethnic awareness and develop social relationships.  Further, we feel that it is important to maintain an environment in which the students feel safe.  When students feel secure, we believe they learn better, accept responsibility, exhibit respect for other, and demonstrate good citizenship. 

Vision Statement

Children will obtain a strong educational foundation that will lead to life-long learning.  Strengthening our community one child at a time by....

Cultivating inner strength to become the best person they can be

Having high expectations for all children


Inspiring children to reach their fullest potential


Laying the foundations to be a productive member of society


Developing strong character that will last a lifetime







Author: Lisa Willis
Based on original work by: Lisa Stewart
Last modified: 7/26/2016 12:58 PM (EDT)