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Study of Plans

Study of Plan and Classes- The Study Plan is a layout of how we recommend program courses be taken, starting with the pre-requisites.  Please use the attachment below as a reference when you are choosing and enrolling for course work each semester.


Student Teaching- Once students complete minimal requirements for the credential program in which they were admitted, and maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B average) throughout their coursework, students can apply to student teaching. Upon verification by the student teaching coordinator and/or credential analyst that the student has met all requirements, arrangements will be made to place the student in a school in Imperial County. The placement will be made according to the credential for which the student is intending to complete. The student will be informed of the placement prior to the start of the semester.  

Any student accepted into student teaching will need to attend an orientation session the week before the start of the semester. At that time, students will receive the student teaching handbook, the course codes to enroll in student teaching and the student teaching seminars, their school placement, and will be assigned student teaching supervisors.  


Credential Application- Any student applying for and starting a program, will be required to pass the edTPA as required by California State Law.  The edTPA gives teacher credential programs access to a multiple-measure assessment system aligned to state and national standards such as Common Core State Standards, Interstate Teacher Assessment, and Support Consortium (InTASC).  This ensures that new teachers are able to teach each student effectively and improve student achievement.


If you are in your last semester of your credential program and are currently enrolled in student teaching, it is time to request your credential. To do this using the new Commission on Teacher Credentialing online processing system, you must have an email address and be able to use a credit card for payment.


If you are doing your Student Teaching this semester, contact:

Betty Wong
Credential Analyst

Division of Education
West Faculty Building, Office 169
Email: bwong@sdsu.edu
Phone: (760) 768-5551

Alt. Phone: (760) 768-5512
Fax: (760) 768-5529
Web Site: http://www.ivcampus.sdsu.edu/teacher_ed





Author: Beatriz Wong
Last modified: 10/8/2020 11:58 AM (EDT)