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Intern Option


The Intern Program

The Intern Program is an alternative to the traditional Division of Education program. It is offered to all multiple subject and single subject teacher education candidates who have shown subject matter competency and who have a full time teaching job within Imperial County in the area for which the student is seeking a credential.  





The full requirements for entering the intern program are:

  1. Completed bachelor’s degree.
  2. Passage of CBEST http://www.cbest.nesinc.com/.
  3. Subject matter competency.
  4. Completion of U.S. Constitution course or examination.
  5. 120 pre-service hours.
  6. Full time teaching job in appropriate area.
  7. Admission to SDSU-IV Division of Education intern program with a 2.75 GPA or higher.
  8. Application for intern credential.

The intern program is a two-year program covering the same requirements as the traditional multiple and single subject programs. However, if you have already completed teacher education course work it may take less than two years.


The focus and benefits of entering the intern program are:

  1. An individual plan leading to application for a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject credential in two years or less.
  2. Provision for a trained support provider to confidentially assist the intern for a minimum of 30 hours per school year.
  3. Cohort collegiality through special intern sections of some teacher education courses and through new teacher support meetings.
  4. Unique, flexible student teaching experiences in employment setting.
  5. Professional development resources.
  6. Supervision and support by the intern program coordinator.


The Intern Program has four options:

Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, Multiple Subject Fast Track, and Single Subject Fast Track.  


The Fast Track option is open only to those individuals who have passed the appropriate State of California Foundation Examination, and is not available for all subjects.  Check with the Credential Analyst for more information. Note that you can only take this exam once, and if you do not pass it, you cannot take it again and must follow enroll in the traditional program.




Author: Beatriz Wong
Last modified: 3/10/2020 6:19 PM (EDT)