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Program Applications


The Division of Education offers a variety of programs that will help you earn a Teaching Credential



 Fall 2018 Program Application Deadline- March 1st, 2018

Last Day For Pending Items- March 15th

*Fall 2018 Admissions Application will Require Attempted CSET and CBEST.*




Short-Term Exploratory Program (STEP)
Multiple Subject (MS)
Single Subject (SS)
MS and SS Subject Credential with Bilingual Authorization

Special Education (SPED) *Will open for Fall 2018
Intern Program 

The Teaching Credential Programs offered by the Division of Education do require a daytime commitment.  If you enroll and dedicate yourself full time to your program, the completion of the program is approximately two years.  Please review our programs to decide which teaching credential you would like to pursue.

Author: Beatriz Wong
Last modified: 7/25/2018 7:32 PM (EDT)