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1. What are my responsibilities as a student teacher?

Web Links:
  1. Teacher Education Handbook - Student Teaching Teacher Education Handbook - Student Teaching
    To access the Teacher Education Handbook, please copy and paste this link: https://multimedia.phoenix.edu/site/college-of-education/teacher-program-handbook/ in your internet web browser to access the handbook and additional resources that you will need during the clinical practice.

Supplementary Resources - Getting Started

Do you need more information to understand your upcoming clinical practice?

The below materials help give an overview of our students' responsibilities during their clinical practice. Each student is responsible for reviewing this material and reaching out to his or her Clinical Practice Education Program Specialist, if more information is needed. We've included an Orientation PowerPoint, a sample lesson plan, your roles and responsiblities, and a networking guide with tips to succeeed!

File Attachments:
  1. Lesson Plan Template Lesson Plan Template
    If your school does not have a formal, in-depth lesson plan model, please use this attachment when creating your lesson plans. If your school's model is similarly in-depth, you may use their template.
  2. Non edTPA Student Teacher Orientation.pptx Non edTPA Student Teacher Orientation.pptx
    This PowerPoint outlines your clinical practice visually, discussing your practicum, corresponding seminar courses, and your all-important midterm and final evaluations.
  3. Roles and Responsiblities Roles and Responsiblities
    Need a little more information about your responsibilities? Please review this document in detail. We hold our students to a high standard and want to ensure you are aware of your role.
  4. Standard Orientation Checklist.docx Standard Orientation Checklist.docx
    Before beginning your practicum, your Faculty Supervisor should review this checklist with you and your Cooperating Teacher. He or she will bring the list, but this is for you to view should you wish to preview it.
  5. Student Teacher Practicum - Networking Guide Student Teacher Practicum - Networking Guide
    How can you make a good impression and ensure you are meeting expectations? Here are some helpful tips based on past students' experiences.

What is the Teacher Work Sample and what does it involve?

File Attachments:
  1. Teacher Work Sample Teacher Work Sample
    Required cumulative assignment for student teachers
  2. Teacher Work Sample Powerpoint.ppt Teacher Work Sample Powerpoint.ppt
    Overview of Teacher Work Sample and Tips

2. What is the recommended schedule for student teaching/clinical practice?

Please be cognitive of the state regulatory requirements

The Education Program Specialist (EPS) will be in contact with the Cooperating Teacher and Student Teacher regarding required evaluation due dates. Please abide by these due dates and inform the EPS should any adjustments be needed. While most of our students will complete 12 week practicums, some states and districts may vary. Each student and teacher will receieve confirmation of this information in his or her approval and welcome emails.

File Attachments:
  1. 12_Week_Suggested_Schedule.pdf 12_Week_Suggested_Schedule.pdf
    Suggested Student Teaching Schedule – 12 to 14 Weeks Elementary, Secondary, & Special Education (Standard Programs)
  2. 12_Week_Suggested_Schedule_-_Own_Classroom.pdf 12_Week_Suggested_Schedule_-_Own_Classroom.pdf
    Suggested Student Teaching Schedule - 12 weeks - Own Classroom For students completing student teaching in their own classroom.
  3. 6_Visit_15_Week_Suggested_Student_Teaching_Schedule.pdf 6_Visit_15_Week_Suggested_Student_Teaching_Schedule.pdf
    Suggested Student Teaching Schedule (6 FS Visits) – 15 to 16 Weeks. This schedule applies to states and districts who require 15 - 16 weeks and 6 Supervisory visits.
  4. 6_Week_Suggested_Schedule.pdf 6_Week_Suggested_Schedule.pdf
    Suggested Student Teaching Schedule (3 FS Visits) - 6 Weeks Early Childhood Education and Split Placements

3. What is the student teaching attendance policy?

Student Teaching is a full time responsibility. Students should work the same contracted hours as the Cooperating Teacher. Should an unexpected need arise for an absence from student teaching, including snow/inclement weather days, you must:

  1. Notify your Cooperating Teacher, Faculty/Site Supervisor, and Education Program Specialist either by phone or email, to explain the absence.
  2. Provide your Cooperating Teacher with plans to cover any missed lessons.
  3. Submit the Absence Form to your Education Program Specialist within three working days of the absence (form attached below).

Note: Any missed days due to personal reasons must be made up at the end of the student teaching/clinical practice experience. If more than five days (excluding inclement weather days) are missed over the course of the practicum, student teaching will be terminated and the practicum deemed “unsuccessful.”

Exception:  If three or more days are missed due to inclement weather (causing a school closure) those days must be made up at the end of the clinical practicum experience. Please report all inclement weather days using the absence form. i.e. Two inclement weather days will be considered excused-- the third and all following, will be made up by adjusting the end date. Inclement weather days will not count against your personal absences.

File Attachments:
  1. Student_Teacher_Absence_Form.pdf Student_Teacher_Absence_Form.pdf
    Please submit signed form within 3 days of an absence.

4. How will I be evaluated during student teaching/clinical practice?

Please identify the evaluation form that matches your program, below. You may then view a sample (printable version) of the evaluation that your Faculty Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher will be completing for you online. These are for your convenience only and do not replace the online forms that will be required, via Tk20.


Student Teacher Evaluation Resource:


File Attachments:
  1. Informal_Observation_CPAST.docx Informal_Observation_CPAST.docx
    Sample of form used to provide feedback after an informal observation.

Program Specific Documents

File Attachments:
  1. Special Education Disability Verification Form Special Education Disability Verification Form
    Each student in the Special Education Major will need to submit this form for certification purposes.

5. I've finished my student teaching/clinical practice. What are my next steps?

File Attachments:
  1. 2. Graduation and Certification Requirements - Student Checklist 2. Graduation and Certification Requirements - Student Checklist
    This document lists program (degree) requirements for UOPx compared to state certification requirements (granted by the State Departments of Education). Students are responsible for researching and understanding both, as additional steps may be required to meet one's state requirements.
  2. 3. AZ Institutional Recommendation Form (IR) - Arizona Certification Only 3. AZ Institutional Recommendation Form (IR) - Arizona Certification Only
    For Arizona Certification only, to be submitted after student has graduated. Send us page 3 and we will add page 4 and send it back to you at the address you have listed in ecampus.
  3. 4. Digital FERPA Release Form Instructions 4. Digital FERPA Release Form Instructions
    Digital FERPA instructions, giving UOPx permissions to release documentation to a 3rd party. This will be required if you have a document that is REQUIRED to be sent directly to them. All other items will be sent to your home address.
  4. Grad and Cert II process map and FAQ.pdf Grad and Cert II process map and FAQ.pdf
    GREAT resource for upcoming graduates! This document covers the graduation process and paperwork for certification.


Print the above "Graduation and Certification Process Map and FAQ" and the "Graduation and Certification Requirements - Student Checklist" documents for your convenience in following your progress and anticipating next steps. The process is simplified for easy understanding. You are responsible for understanding the process and your state's requirements. These attachments will help!


  1. Finish your seminar courses successfully, earning a "B" or better.
  2. Work with your academic counselor to apply for graduation once your official grade posts in your last seminar course.
  3. Research your state’s requirements (or Arizona if applicable) for licensure. Licensure is granted through the State Department of Education, not through the University.


Here are some helpful links to assist you in your research:


For information regarding initial licensure or credential requirements please visit: http://www.phoenix.edu/colleges_divisions/education/teacher-licensure.html


For state specific requirements, please visit:


  1. If your state requires that UOPx signs any documentation to verify your program requirements, submit the form(s) to your EPS within 1 year (subject to change) of the completion of your student teaching program. (All required exams and fingerprinting must be successfully completed first.) As an Arizona Institution we can provide Arizona's required form, called the Institutional Recommendation (IR). Please see attachment above.
  2. Submit all required documents to the applicable State Department of Education for licensure!!


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