Collaborative for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Collaborative for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Website for the Collaborative for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).  The main focus of CETL activities is to support the development of faculty in the areas of teaching and facillitation of learning.  CETL provides access to resources on innovative pedagogy, research on effective teaching techniques, effective use of technology to support learning, and provision of one-on-one consultation with faculty. The CETL is located in KHIC 237 in the area formerly known as the Faculty Commons.  It is adjacent to the Faculty Technology Center where faculty have access to a variety of instructional technology hardware and software and multimedia equipment.  An Instructional Technology staff member is available to provide personal assistance to faculty in the use of the equipment or to learn how to use specific instructional software. The CETL and Faculty Technology Center are staffed Friday during the day and are accessible 24/7 using your Purple Card key access.  Stop in anytime to use the facilities, to chat, or just pick up a piece of chocolate. We are here to support you.

CETL Resources and Services

CETL provides access to a variety of resources and services to faculty.

1. One-on-one consultation with faculty:

a. Classroom Observation: Schedule a classroom observation with the CETL Driector ( or 829-6160 or stop in KHIC233).  Dr. Di Liddo will visit your classroom, sit down afterwards to discuss the observation. and provide you with a write-up of your conversation.  The observation and conversation are completely confidential.  They are not part of any evaluation process.  They are for your professional development.

b. Teaching tips: Have a classroom issue that you would like to discuss; looking for a new approach to teaching a topic; want to learn about an instructional technology-make an appointment to discuss it.  The Director will help you find what you need.


2. Houses a collection of Books on Teaching and Learning available in the CETL

3. Provides links to on-line resources on teaching and learning, see Resources on CETL Webpage

4. Webinars and Workshops on innovative and effective pedagogy, see Events on CETL Webpage

5. Faculty development activities and resources for effective advising, assessment practices, and use of instructional technology.  Activities are posted on the CETL webpage under events.


Author: Rebecca Diliddo
Last modified: 2/18/2015 12:25 PM (EDT)