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It Takes More than a Degree

E-Portfolios: What are they good for?

We will look at how e-portfolios are being used in academia and employment.


E-portfolios: What are they good for? 

On Wednesday, April 16 from 4:15-5:15PM in the CETL/Faculty Commons/KHIC238, Rebecca DiLiddo, CETL Director, will be leading a discussion of how e-portfolios are being used to present oneself. In academia they are being used for assessment of courses and programs.  Graduate, professional schools, and employers are asking that applicants demonstrate not just what courses they have taken, but what they actually can do.  E-portfolios have become the preferred way for those evaluating applications to gain a deeper understanding of what applicants know and have experienced.

Author: Rebecca Diliddo
Last modified: 4/1/2014 1:28 PM (EDT)