Hayley Elder's Folio

Hayley Elder's Folio


Hayley Jean Elder

Virginia Commonwealth University 

Major: Mass Comunnications 

Concentration: Creative Advertising 

         Graduation Date: 2024

My favorite outdoor activites are swimming and hiking because during those activities I am able to mentally turn off and shut out all noise. Any other time, whether I am taking a stroll down Carytown or watching reruns of my favorite home improvement shows on HGTV, I view life with an 'advertising lens'. An advertising lens is a mental filter that brings awareness to the unavoidable advertisements we are surrounded by and how they are designed to direct our choices. A game I like to play with myself in my head to pass the time of non fast-forwardable commercials on TV is called “Why?” Why did that brand choose that color scheme? Why did they choose that plot? Why did they choose to include those actors with that dialogue and at that pace? Wherever I go, I am fascinated by how advertising subconsciously influences our consumer decisions and personal values within our daily lives. The ability to effectively create and deliver advertisements to the public is a skill with true impact. I am dedicated to learning the creative and professional tools that will help apply my passions centering wellness, equality, and sustainability into a positive mark I leave on the world. My studies of Mass Communications with a concentration in Creative Advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University will help me continue the journey I have started two years ago at John Tyler Community College; a journey I have started within my community, that I am looking forward to extending within the Richmond area. 

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