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Curriculum Development

Graduate Courses, School of Education, Loyola University Chicago                                                             

  • ELPS 429 High Impact Learning: Experiential Learning in Theory and Practice in Higher Education
  • ELPS 430 Curriculum in Higher Education
  • ELPS 431 Evaluation in Higher Education 

Engaged Learning Courses, General Education Curriculum, Loyola University Chicago

  • UNIV 290 Course: Seminar in Community-based Service and Leadership           
  • UNIV 291 Course: Seminar in Community-based Research and Leadership
  • UNIV 292 Course: International Service-Learning         
  • UNIV 390 Course: Internship Seminar in Organizational/Community Leadership
  • UNIV 391 Course: Internship Seminar in Undergraduate Research
  • UNIV 393 Course: Seminar in Integrative Leadership
  • Other:                       
  • ACPA E-Learning Course: Mediating Student Reflection in Service-Learning
  • ACPA E-Learning Course: Experiential Education: Leveraging Learning Outcomes and Translating Transferable Skills      
  • Leadership Institute, Schaumburg Business Association/Roosevelt University     
  • First Year Experience FYS 101 Course, Roosevelt University                                   
  • World History series: HIST 111, HIST 112, Roosevelt University                           
  • Leadership Development at Roosevelt (LDR) Institute                                             
  • Student Opportunity and Leadership Education (SOLE) Program                           
  • Leaders Evolving and Developing (LEAD) Leadership Development Program     
  • Literacy and Basic Skills, Pre-GED, GED, Computer Skills courses                         
  • Life Skills Curriculum, The Guest House of Milwaukee                                             
  • World History Curriculum (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern), Northwest Opportunities Vocational Academy High School                      


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