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About the Field Placement Database

The LAT Field Placement module is designed to facilitate the management of supervised professional work (such as internships, externships, coops, or practica) that students are required to complete in order to earn a degree or credential.

Whether you are coordinating clinical placements for students in your Nursing or Pharmacy program, placing students in your Teacher Education programs in cooperating schools for student teaching,administering credited studio or performance experience in the Arts, or handing professional internships for students in any program, the flexible Field Placement module will help you to manage the information associated with these field activities and will assist you in making informed decisions about where to place your students. You can handle multiple placements per student, associating programs/courses with the corresponding placement and (DRF) requirements.

Field Placement Database Setup

This guide provides step by step instructions for setting up the Field Placement Database in LAT.

Author: Beth Ortiz
Last modified: 3/26/2018 2:20 PM (EST)