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A.K. Jones

A.K. Jones

A.K. is a local writer and a dear family member of mine...these are her own words:

I was born and raised in Central Virginia. I am a thirty-something educator who is passionate about the arts, young people, self-exploration, and the unique intersections between the three. I started appreciating the art of poetry in high school, when I was first introduced to Gwendolyn Brooks and Nikki Giovanni through class assignments. Years of foraging through the Harlem Renaissance poets, Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez and the Last Poets lead to a deeper discovery of the power of the voice in poetic form. Moving into my college years, I fell in love with spoken word poetry through exposure to artists such as Taalam Acey, Saul Williams, Stacey Ann Chin, and Bassey Ikpe. I consider myself an ever-burgeoning writer who seeks opportunities for other potential writers to identify and celebrate their own voices in this world.

maybe Joy is 

not loud and busy 

like the party you'd imagine her to be 



Joy is stillness in chaos 

calm when the world expects uproar 

peace that exceeds logic 

unspoken strength 


could it be? 

that Joy is an energy like 


never announcing herself 

just appearing casually  

on the horizon 

growing in the quiet of morning 

glowing brighter with patience, practiced 


without pretense or (much) conversation 

without having to persuade anyone of her presence 


Joy just is  

made for basking at midday 

taking full advantage of her warm light  

growing there 

learning the light in her eyes 

savoring her until dusk 

remembering her face at cool midnight  


that even when she appears to have run out  

she will rise  

and present herself again 



just wait

A quote from the writer,

"I would encourage readers to think about the meaning of joy for themselves; this poem reminds us to look for real joy, even in the quieter moments."

Author: William Jones
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