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Uncle William!

I've never been the type of celebrate myself so, naturally, when I was asked to describe a significant pursuit...I ran into some trouble. Not that I haven’t done anything of significance, but that whole notion seemed too braggadocios for me. The more I wrestled with the topic, the more I started to ask the question different ways. What have I done that’s of significance…but also has helped someone? How has my presence been a blessing to others? Then it hit me…the greatest thing I’ve done so far on this earth…is be an uncle!


My brother and his wife got married in 2012. After a year or so of living the newlywed life, they spent the next few years trying to have a child. To make a long story, less long…after a few failed attempts, they were blessed with 3 kids! My nieces and my nephew are my world. They make me feel like I’m the greatest thing in their world. The way they laugh, the way they cry, the way they say my name…I feel unconquerable.


To know their little eyes are always watching me and the joy they get from me doing the smallest things just makes me feel soo…significant. 

Author: William Jones
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