Technology Integration (EDC5158 - Fall 2014)

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iPads in the Classroom

The following project involves technology integration using apps intended for usage on the iPad.

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  1. iPads in the Classroom - iPad apps iPads in the Classroom - iPad apps
    This document includes the name and photos of the three apps that I felt were best suited to integrate into the curriculum. Although fully embracing all three, my favorite app, and the one that I felt had the greatest potential to engage the students, was called “Xperica HD,” created by IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited. As a series circuit simulator, it includes four different batteries, five different resistances, a light bulb, and a switch. All can be inserted into the circuit at once for those students on a more advanced level, while a very simple circuit can be created for those students who are not quite up to speed. Students can change one element of the circuit and see what values, e.g., current or voltage, have changed as a result.
  2. iPads in the Classroom Technology Integration Plan iPads in the Classroom Technology Integration Plan
    The iPad’s seemingly endless supply of educational apps, portability, constant connection to the internet, and high-resolution touch screen make it a requirement for daily integration into education. While experimenting with many apps in order to determine those that could be best integrated into the curriculum, what I took away as the iPad’s most beneficial educational use was its ability to function as a differentiated instructional device. Each student can engage the technology at any level they feel comfortable, work at their own pace, and, ultimately, reach the desired level of comprehension. The iPad is a new and unique tool that will undoubtedly revolutionize the integration of technology in education.
Author: Tracy Katzke
Last modified: 10/14/2014 7:12 PM (EDT)