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Personal Choice: SMARTboard Jeopardy

After a unit on the Periodic Table, my technology integration project was an interactive SMARTboard game of Jeopardy to help my students reinforce the concepts that were taught. This project was completely determined and created by myself, although instructor approval was required.

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  1. SMARTboard Jeopardy Game SMARTboard Jeopardy Game
    Click here to play the SMARTboard game of Jeopardy on your personal computer. Simply choose a category and a dollar amount and click on that dollar amount. A question will appear and one can venture a guess as to the correct answer; after the guess, click on the yellow square beneath the question to reveal the answer. If you are correct, add that dollar amount to your score; if not, subtract said amount from your score.
  2. SMARTboard Jeopardy Technology Integration Plan SMARTboard Jeopardy Technology Integration Plan
    My final technology integration project was entirely determined by me, although it did require approval by the instructor. I decided to create an interactive Jeopardy game on the SMARTboard to reinforce concepts after a completed unit on the Periodic Table. Besides the active engagement of my students, said game encouraged my students to collaborate with their team members to answer the selected questions and, ultimately, win the game. I knew that a game would encourage everyone to participate, and enhance student learning, because everybody wants to be on the winning team.
Author: Tracy Katzke
Last modified: 10/14/2014 7:12 PM (EDT)