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A key responsibility of my position at Loyola University Chicago is to develop trainings and resources to guide students, faculty, and staff through the process of creating an ePortfolio, everything from navigating the TaskStream system to identifying artifacts, features, and multimedia to include in their ePortfolios.

The resources in this section will give you a sense of my approach to ePortfolio training and development. ePortfolios are intended to cultivate life-long learning, so I believe the process of creating an ePortfolio is ongoing and cyclical, much like the experiential learning cycle: We experience, we reflect on that experience, and now we have the opportunity to make meaning of and archive that experience in an ePortfolio. I highly encourage you to actively and intentionally engage in the process of life-long learning by creating your own ePortfolio!

Author: Ashley Kehoe
Last modified: 9/11/2013 10:51 AM (EDT)