Teacher Education Endorsement Documentation

Teacher Education Endorsement Documentation

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How to use this site

This site is to be used by both Teacher Education faculty and our Content Specialist Partners to support the various content area endorsements. Each endorsement has an "Overview", "Performance Evidence", and "Knowledge Evidence" section.

  • To load syllabi and other documentation into the correct Box.com folder, use the links provided under "Knowledge Evidence".
  • To see previously submitted documentation, use the provided link under "View Documentation (Box.com)" 

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Teacher Education Faculty Liaison Role

Meet with Content Specialist faculty members to:

- identify key assessment(s) for the course (download template)

- link knowledge/performance indicators to course objectives in syllabi


Content Specialist Partner Faculty Role

- submit key assessment guidelines and grading criteria

- align endorsement courses with required foundation/enhancement standards (matrix)

- include language in syllabus addressing the teacher education standards


Content Area Program Lead Role

- maintain updated one-page portfolio guide (download template)

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