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Standards Acc. 2018


Idaho Standards for Social Studies and History Teachers


Endorsement Overview

ISU recommends the following endorsements:

20 credit (History 5-9)

20 credit (History 6-12)

30 credit (History 6-12)


Course Catalog | Secondary Education


Since 2015, History faculty have adjusted a number of courses to better integrate students' use of technology into course assessments. For example, a media project is used in HIST 2254. Further, HIST 1101 includes an assignment that asks students to create a 3-D printed artifact based on images examined in class. Additionally, some courses are offered fully online to accommodate geographic dispersed students (e.g., HIST 2255). 


Courses have also been revised so that some now require students to complete authentic assessments, such as primary source analyses, cooking using historic recipes, and site visits to local historical and/or cultural sites. 


History courses continue to offer pre-service teachers opportunities to learn about diverse cultures and people, focusing on their contributions to history and society. 

Performance Evidence - Portfolio Guide

The teacher education program must ensure candidates are prepared to meet the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel. Included in these standards are the Idaho Core Teaching Standards which all teachers must meet and specific foundation or enhancement standards specific to the discipline area the candidate is seeking endorsement.


Portfolio Guide

To show evidence of these standards, candidates will upload scored work into their Teacher Education e-portfolio. To facilitate this, each faculty member is requested to remind teacher education candidates in their course to retain evaluated work and upload it into their e-portfolio. The following one-page document can be distributed to teacher education candidates as needed.


History One-page Portfolio Guide


Program Standards Alignment

Faculty members from multiple departments across campus worked to identify evidence from the endorsement program to support the standards.



Idaho Foundation Standards for Social Studies Teachers (acc. 2018)

Idaho Standards for History Teachers (acc. 2018)


SS 1

SS 4

SS 5

SS 8


HIST 1101






HIST 1102






HIST 2251






HIST 2252






HIST 2254






HIST 2255






HIST 3307






HIST 3308






HIST 3309






HIST 4418








Knowledge Documentation Collection

The repository for documentation is ISU Select the appropriate evidence type below and attach the documents to an email. A new window will open addressed to in a new window. A confirmation email will be sent to your ISU email account.


Upload syllabi and assignment guidelines via email

Upload advising documentation or other knowledge evidence 

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