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Standards Acc. 2019

Idaho Physics and Science Teacher Standards (2019)

Endorsement Overview

ISU recommends the following endorsements:

(30 credit) Physics 6-12

(20 credit) Physcis 6-12

Course Catalog | Secondary Education

Performance Evidence - Portfolio Guide

This program has had no completers since the previous NCATE/State visit Fall 2015.

Portfolio Guide

To show evidence of these standards, candidates will upload scored work into their Taskstream portfolio. To facilitate this, each faculty member is requested to remind teacher education candidates in their course to retain evaluated work and upload it into Taskstream. The following one-page document can be distributed to teacher education candidates as needed.


Physics One-page Portfolio Guide

Course Alignment to Standards Matrix.xlsx


  SF 4.K.1SF5.KSF 9KSF11:  SF12:PES 4.K.1PES 4.P.1PES 4.K.2PES 4.P.2PES 4.K.3PES 4.P.3
PHYS 1152Descriptive Astronomy XXX  XXXXXX
PHYS 1153Desscriptive Astornomy and LabXXXXXXXXXXX
PHYS 2211Engineering Physics 1XXX  XXXXXX
PHYS 2213Engineering Physics 1 LABXXXXXXXXXXX
PHYS 2212Engineering Physics IIXXX  XXXXXX
PHYS 2214Engineering PHysics II LabXXXXXXXXXXX
PHYS 3301Modern Physics XXX  XXXXXX
Phys 4400Practicum in Physical ScienceXXX  XXXXXX
PHYS 4403Advanced Modern PhysicsXXX  XXXXXX
GEOL 4410Science in American Society XXX  XXXXXX

Knowledge Documentation Collection


The repository for documentation is Google Drive. The following pieces of evidence are needed for each course listed in the 20-credit endorsement:

📄 Syllabi for most recent semester

📄 Course calendar with topics (can be screenshots of Moodle course)

📄 Final exam, paper, project, or equivalent measure of student knowledge


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