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Theater Arts

Standards Acc. 2022

Idaho Foundation Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts and Theatre Teacher Standards

Endorsement Overview

ISU recommends the following endorsement:

(45 credit) Theater 6-12

(30 credit) Theater 6-12

(20 credit) Theater 6-12

Course Catalog | Secondary Education > Search: "Drama"

Performance Evidence

This program has had 2 completers since the previous NCATE/State visit Fall 2015.

Portfolio Guide

To show evidence of these standards, candidates will upload scored work into their Taskstream portfolio. To facilitate this, each faculty member is requested to remind teacher education candidates in their course to retain evaluated work and upload it into Taskstream. The following one-page document can be distributed to teacher education candidates as needed.


Theater One-page Portfolio Guide


Program Standards Alignment

Standards were aligned based on course objectives and outcomes from program syllabi.

Course Standards Alignment Matrix (.docx)

Assessment Reports (password protected)


Visual & Performing Arts (VA) and Theater Arts (Thea) Standards
 VA 2VA 4VA 5VA 6VA 7VA 9VA 10VA 11Thea 4Thea 5Thea 9Thea 11
CMP 2205 XXX        
CMP 3308 XXX        
THEA 1101        X  X
THEA 1111XX      XXXX
THEA 1191/3391            
THEA 2211        XX  
THEA 2214            
THEA 2221 X X  XX    
THEA 2252XXX     XXX 
THEA 3311        XXXX
THEA 3312/4403            
THEA 3331 X  X XX    
THEA 4440            
THEA 4401            
THEA 4419            
THEA 4420            
THEA 4465            

Knowledge Documentation Collection

The repository for documentation is ISU Box.com. Select the appropriate evidence type below and attach the documents to an email. Please submit below.


NOTE: Please see the FAQ for problems uploading.

Upload syllabi and assignment guidelines via email

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