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Writing Course-level Objectives

Instructional objectives are brief, clear statements that describe the desired learning outcomes of instruction or experiences; i.e., the specific skills, values, and attitudes students should exhibit that bring the student closer to the broader program learning outcomes. Levels of learning are also associated with instructional objectives. Many instructors refer to Bloom's Taxonomy when developing instructional objectives. Answering the following questions can be helfpul when writing instructional objectives for a course or module:

  1. Is it possible to collect accurate and reliable data for each objective?
  2. Are they stated so that is is possible to use a single method to measure the objective (e.g., rubric, checklist, test)? Can they be assessed quantitatively and/or qualitatively?
  3. Are they written using action verbs at the appropriate thinking skill level?
  4. Does the objective describe student behavior rather than teacher behavior?
  5. Do statements describe what students should represent, demonstrate, or produce?
  6. Do statements align with collective intentions translated into the curriculum and co-curriculum?
  7. Do statements map to curriculum, co-curriculum, and educational experiences?
  8. Are statements collaboratively authored and collectively accepted by faculty?
  9. Do outcomes incorporate or adapt the standards of professional organizations when they exist?

Bloom's Infographic

Bloom's Infographic
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