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Enrolling in a Taskstream Program

To begin using your Taskstream account, you will enroll in a program using a specific program enrollment code.


The Program Enrollment Code is used by students and faculty to enroll in a specific Taskstream program (also known as a Directed Respons Folio (DRF)), such as Industrial Technologies, Business Administration, or the Core Skills program for one of the three schools within Academic Affairs.


After you create a Taskstream account and log in, there is a yellow button labeled “Code” on the left side of your account. Click on this to enter the code to gain access to the program/DRF to view instructions and submit assignments. As an instructor, you will evaluate student work submitted in the program/DRF.


*Codes for the current academic year can be found in the Program Self-Enrollment Codes document to the left. It is important to share these codes with your students to ensure they enroll in the correct program!


Need help? The video below provides a quick tutorial on how to enroll in a program in Taskstream!



Enrolling into a Program in Taskstream

Enrolling into a Program in Taskstream
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