Welcome to South Piedmont's Student Learning Assessment Website!

Welcome to South Piedmont's Student Learning Assessment Website!



The purpose of this site is to provide students with current information regarding Taskstream (by Watermark) and student learning outcomes assessment.

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All curriculum programs at South Piedmont offer program learning outcomes (unique to each program) and course learning outcomes (specific to each course).

Core Skill learning outcomes are shared by all academic programs. These are important employability skills that you, as a valuable employee in any occupation, should demonstrate to be successful. The five Core Skills identified at South Piedmont are Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, and Intercultural Competence.

The college uses a process known as "assessment" to measure student performance on all identified learning outcomes. For all assessment activities, assignments (aka "artifacts") are submitted in Taskstream or in Moodle. Or, in other cases, faculty observe students in lab or clinical activities identified for assessment and enter the scores in Tasktstream.

Reports can then be run to show how successfully a group of students performed on a specific learning outcome. Results of learning outcomes assessment reports are analyzed by instructors to make evidence-based decisions about teaching and learning. The learning outcomes assessment process is conducted as an ongoing cycle of actvities designed to continuously improve student learning, performance, and achievement at SPCC.

Your instructor and/or course syllabus will let you know if your course assignments will require the use of Taskstream.


Need Assistance with Taskstream?

Your instructor and course syllabus can provide assistance with creating an account and requirements for assignments. - Or -

Contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for additional questions:

Email - Institutional-Effectiveness@spcc.edu

Jill Millard - Phone: (704) 290-5887

Kim Sandoval - Phone: (704) 290-5873

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