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Glossary of terms used in Taskstream

  • Authors – Students are referred to as authors in Taskstream
  • DRF – Located within the LAT platform, the DRF (Directed Response Folio) is the workspace where a course assessment takes place. It may include the assignment instructions, evaluation methods (such as rubrics) and such things as worksheets, handouts, PowerPoints, etc.
  • Evaluators – Instructors are referred to as evaluators in Taskstream
  • Key code – The key code gives students access to create a Taskstream account.
  • LAT – Learning Assessment Tool. The LAT platform is where student work submissions take place.
  • Program code – Instructors provide a program code to students so they have access to the correct DRF to complete assignments. After students log into their Taskstream account, they will find a yellow button labeled “Code” on the left side of their account. Students click on this symbol and then enter the code to gain access to course materials and assignments.
  • Rubric – A rubric is a tool used to score student work. It is a set of pre-established criteria that is used to assess a student's performance on papers, projects, essays, and other assignments. Rubrics provide a detailed breakdown of the assignment expectations. Students can use the rubric to better understand what is expected in order to receive the highest score.
Author: SPCC Manager
Last modified: 8/16/2019 9:54 AM (EST)