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Student Instructions

The attached document contains student instructions to:


  1. Creating your Taskstream account

Continuing this semester, the Institutional Effectiveness department will create Taskstream accounts for students attending courses with assessment activities to be completed in Taskstream. However, if needed, students may also create their own accounts on the Taskstream website using their SPCC provided Office365 email address ending in @student.spcc.edu. 

For new students who have had a Taskstream account created for you, check your SPCC email account for an email from notification@taskstream.com that gives you details on how to access your Taskstream account.

If you have an existing Taskstream account and have forgotten your username or password, use the “Forgot Login?” option at login.taskstream.com. If you need assistance with your account, contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at institutional-effectiveness@spcc.edu.


  1. Use a program enrollment code to link to your specific program and to the appropriate core skills area

The program enrollment code provides you with access to the correct area in Taskstream to submit your assignment. If your account was created by the Department of Institutional Effectiveness, you will be enrolled in the correct Taskstream program for submission of your assignment. You may also enroll yourself in a Taskstream program if needed. A full list of program enrollment codes is provided on this website and is also available in the student instructions document which is also available on this website.


  1. Submit your work

Your instructor and/or course syllabus will let you know if your course requires any work to be submitted in Taskstream.  

Additional resources are posted under the tabs in this section.

Author: SPCC Manager
Last modified: 8/28/2023 6:06 PM (EST)