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Prompt: Education Moment


Prompt: What was a tranformational Moment, negative or positive, in your educational career?

In my computer art class in high school, I was told we had to keep a sketchbook. I was excited at first, but as my teacher began to explain the assignment, I got less and less excited. See, we were here to make art, but it had a ton of rules; use 4 different mediums, don't make abstract art, 20 full colored pages per quarter, etc, etc. As I took the class, it burned me out more and more on art until I realized that I couldn't make very good art like that. The rules only got stricter in my second year of computer art and I started to lose motivation. It sort of pushed me to be less friendly towards authoritarian attitudes in art, and realize I make my best art when its for myself. It wasn't exacrtly a positive experience, but its one that affected me.

Author: Katia McCleaf
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