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Original freestyle poems straight from my brain.


Summer (2020)

I feel nostalgic
for those long gone summer days
of my youth, of my past
The chirping of cicadas, The blistering heat,
The taste of ice cream, and most of all
The simpler times of those days
And now that summer is here again,
I never want it to end.

The Beast (2020)

No matter the person,
One of the constants of humanity,
Is that man is in a constant battle with a beast,
The beast berates us,
Wounds us,
Tortures us,
And you may be surprised to find,
The beast is from inside.

Phoenix (2020)

from your ashes
Noble Phoenix
The fire may burn
It may hurt
But it will shine all the brighter
Noble phoenix,
How many times have you come back?
A hundred?
A thousand?
Will you rest, Noble Phoenix?
Or will this continue
For all eternity?
The fire is blinding now.

Author: Katia McCleaf
Last modified: 2/21/2023 3:25 PM (EDT)