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Academic and Professional Goals

Academic Goals

  • I hope my time in college can help improve my social skills and interpersonal relationships. Meeting people is an important part of the whole experience of college, and I really do hope to forge connections with students and teachers alike.
  • I wish to keep my GPA up high in order to stay in the pathways program, and reflect well on my person.
  • I want to use my schoolwork as a creative outlet as well. I hope it will keep me creating in reference to both my writing and art over the years as I transition from J Sargeant Reynolds to VCU, and beyond.
  • I also strive to discover a deeper passion as well, finding my guiding purpose in art and writing as I improve.
  • I really, most of all, hope to learn skills to make a career out of my passion for these creative endeavors. The act of creating is very much something I enjoy, and as they say, "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life."

Professional Goals

  • I hope to foster a strong work ethic through my current work in retail as keeping myself motivated is something I have recently been struggling with.
  • I also aim to collect stories as well through my retail work; experiences that will culturally add to my catalog of ideas to write from.
  • I will transition to an office job at some point as a new experience and way of moving up in the world as a sort of progression.
  • And finally, I hope to transition slowly to the type of work I would like to do, in graphic design, game development, or writing as a career.
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