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Building a computer

Building your own computer is no easy task, even if you have all the parts and all you have to do it screw things in and connect cords. Figuring out where everything goes, making sure all the parts are compatible, and even just following a tutorial video are all huge undertakings when it comes to a PC. This had been on my mind because I built my own gaming PC in 2018, and recently had to replace the motherboard because the old one broke. It was frustrating not to have access to my powerful PC over spring break, but I took the chance to do an upgrade to the processor. If this is all gibberish to you, think of it this way: I essentially had to replace the computer's "brain" and "spine": the part that thinks, and the part that connects everything. Anyway, it was a whole day ordeal when the parts finally got here. The hardest part was getting some of the screws in, in the end! Can you believe that?

Update, feb 2022: I've upgraded my computer several times since writing, this initially, including adding in new RAM. Not nearly as frustrating with my previous experiences in mind! Hard to tell if that's because the part was easier to install, or if I'm just getting better at it

Author: Katia McCleaf
Last modified: 2/21/2023 3:25 PM (EDT)