Gregorio Ponce, Division of Education

Gregorio Ponce, Division of Education

Gregorio Ponce

Education is a lifelong journey that can transform our ways of thinking and living to help us better meet the challenges of the future.

The learning needs of our communities, both inside and outside the classroom, are the beacons that constantly guide my energy and efforts to make a positive difference in our community and society; today and tomorrow.

As a faculty member of San Diego State University, I am ready to continue working with others in search of solutions to the complex educational issues that we face together on a daily basis because being a member of this community compels me to do what I can to help it grow, improve, and succeed.   

Using the above personal philosophy as my guide throughout my educational career, I have come to appreciate that education:

  • Gives people an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • Takes place through each and every one of our personal and professional experiences.
  • Forms the foundation for better relationships between individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.
  • Creates a deeper understanding of who we are, who others are, and what we can accomplish together.
  • Depends on the continuous communication of ideas.

I welcome you to the Imperial Valley Campus of San Diego State University and look forward to working with you to better serve the teaching and learning needs of our academic community.


Author: Gregorio Ponce
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