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Checklist for Monitoring Former ELs

This link contains a checklist for the school's monitoring tools and program.

  • Does the tool identify the staff person(s) responsible for monitoring former ELL students?
  • Does the tool indicate the frequency and duration of monitoring former ELL students?
  • Does the tool identify the information the district will review to measure whether individual former ELL students are successful in the district's overall educational program (e.g., grades, test scores, teacher observations, etc.)?
  • Does the tool include the methods or criteria the district will utilize to measure success of former ELL students in the district's education program?
  • If a former ELL student, under the district's criteria, is not successful in the district's regular program, does the tool indicate:
    • How the district will determine whether a lack of success is due to academic deficits, the lack of English language proficiency, or other reasons?
    • Next steps to be taken to assist the student? (For example, depending upon the reason for the individual student's lack of success, the district may consider approaches such as: providing additional services to develop English language skills, or providing academic tutorial or support services to address academic deficiencies incurred while the student was receiving ELL services.)
  • Does the plan include appropriate notification procedures to inform parents of service options?
Author: Donna Villareal
Last modified: 20-Oct-23 9:51 AM (EDT)