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 Fall 2020 Program Application Deadline

March 2, 2020

As a future educator, it is essential that you present yourself and the materials you prepare, to reflect your best qualities both as a candidate for the program and as the future professional educator you aspire to become with your students and peers. First impressions are important anywhere. More importantly, your professionalism is reflected by your actions and work ethic as you complete our program and throughout your career in education.

Advanced Standing:  A student transferring to San Diego State University to complete requirements for a Multiple Subject or Single Subject credential must complete a minimum of six units of professional education coursework in residence at SDSU in order to be recommended for certification regardless of the extent of education work completed at other institutions.  

A minimum GPA of 3.0 (B average) must be maintained in the coursework that you complete for your program.

Application will require attempted CSET scores.

Students need to pass CBEST by March 13, 2020.


For appointments contact: 

Sharabeth Galindo
Academic Support Coordinator

Division of Education
West Faculty Building, Office 179

Email: sgalindo@sdsu.edu
Phone: (760) 768-5512

Fax: (760) 768-5529
Web Site: https://ivcampus.sdsu.edu/doe


Betty Wong
Program Advisor, Credential Analyst

Division of Education
West Faculty Building, Office 169

Email: bwong@sdsu.edu
Phone: (760) 768-5551

Fax: (760) 768-5529
Web Site: https://ivcampus.sdsu.edu/doe




Author: Beatriz Wong
Last modified: 10/8/2020 11:58 AM (EDT)