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Philosophy of Education

     If someone had asked me five years ago the question "What is education?", my answer would have been quite different from what it is today.  To me, education has become a life-long process.  It is not to be limited to the confines of grades of K-12 or to college studies.  No, education is a living process that should be part of every individual's life.  To be the best at what one does, we should aspire to have a growth mindset.  A growth mindset desires to learn, desires to get better, desires to seek out new perspectives, and this is only accomplished through proper education.

     Education can come in many forms: by small or large gatherings of people, by electronic means, or even by yourself.  If I choose to read a book today on the qualities of a good leader, is this not a form of education?  If I choose to engage in an #edchat on Twitter with other professionals, is this not a form of education?  Just as teachers seek to personalize learning for their own students today, so must we consider the process of educating for others.  Adults want to be engaged when learning as well; they desire to seek personal and relevant connections in their own professional development.  I say this to make the point that the many emerging trends in the K-12 educational world are very much applicable beyong the K-12 setting.  Knowing this helps to answer the initial question, "What is education?".

     Education is the process by which people learn.  There are innumerable tools, pedagogies, and topics within the scope of education.  Some will be more or less appropriate, depending on the situation.  This is why we have need of surveys and assessments when creating educational modules, to narrow our focus in making sure we create a relevant, engaging, learning experience.  However, when we are successful in doing so, we contribute to the good of society and our neighbors by sharing knowledge.

Author: Wes Bullock
Last modified: 4/21/2019 3:58 PM (EDT)