Dr. Patrick M. Green Professional Portfolio

Rome, Italy


John Felice Rome Center Campus, Loyola University Chicago

  • Facilitated Lived Experience as Text: Incorporating Experiential Education into Your Pedagogy to Create Transformative Education, Faculty Development Workshop, John Felice Rome Center, Loyola University Chicago (February 2011)
  • Met one-on-one with faculty to assess campus needs and opportunities for experiential learning development
  • Conducted program evaluation of experiential learning opportunities with academic internship and service-learning courses
File Attachments:
  1. Letter of Commendation from Dean of Rome Campus Letter of Commendation from Dean of Rome Campus
    The attached letter of commendation came from Dr. Susana Cavallo, Dean of the John Felice Rome Campus of Loyola University Chicago.

Rome Campus Program Review

Rome Campus Program Review
Author: Patrick Green
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