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Standards Acc. 2019

Idaho Science and Biology Teacher Standards

Endorsement Overview

ISU recommends the following endorsements:

Biology 5-9 

Biology 6-12 

Course Catalog | Secondary Education

20-30-45 credit Program of Study (2021-22 catalog)


Performance Evidence - Portfolio Guide

Biology One-page Portfolio Guide (View)


Assessment Reports (password protected)

Knowledge Documentation Collection

The repository for documentation is Google Drive. The following pieces of evidence are needed for each course listed in the 20-credit endorsement:

📄 Syllabi for most recent semester

📄 Course calendar with topics (can be screenshots of Moodle course)

📄 Final exam, paper, project, or equivalent measure of student knowledge


📁 View documentation folder



Author: ISU College of Education Manager
Last modified: 5/23/2022 8:47 PM (EDT)