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Mission statement

The mission of the Indiana University Southeast School of Business is to provide a high-quality business education and to make a positive impact on our students and our community.

The Meaning of Our Mission

  • We are a publicly-supported, regional teaching institution that proudly serves the Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville area.
  • We value teaching excellence and enhance student learning through a culture of continuous improvement and faculty instructional effectiveness.
  • We equip students with intellectual capital that will enable them to have successful careers, delivered through a well-respected, high-quality, and accessible education.
  • We provide both traditional and non-traditional students with a quality education for a lifetime of achievement.
  • We offer a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning environment that enables students to achieve their potential through accredited graduate and undergraduate programs.
  • We enhance faculty intellectual capital and support advancement of knowledge through pedagogical research, discipline-based scholarship, and contributions to practice.
  • We are committed to engagement by fostering relationships among the university, our students, and community through professional service activities and student involvement.
Author: IU Southeast Manager
Last modified: 5/3/2023 12:57 PM (EDT)