Student Learning Outcomes for Academic Programs

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"To provide an excellent science, mathematics, and computing education through teaching, scholarship and service."

The mission is enhanced by:

  • providing programs that emphasize excellent teaching by committed, dedicated faculty;
  • providing effective mentoring for our majors so that our dedicated students can better achieve their full potential;
  • having ongoing research or creative scholarship efforts that expose our students and others to the exciting world of discovery;
  • delivering to students the benefits of analytical, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that are necessary for life-long learning;
  • assuming the role of regional science, mathematical, and computing leadership through university service efforts, technical assistance to local schools, organizations, and businesses; the visiting scientist series; continuing education; and many other service-related contributions;
  • fostering an educational environment and support services where students with a wide range of abilities can receive training and become proficient in science, mathematics, and computing;
  • providing stimulating academic surroundings for traditional and non-traditional students that extend beyond the campus to encompass the entire region.
Author: IU Southeast Manager
Last modified: 5/3/2023 12:57 PM (EDT)