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Abby Kloos

TITLE:   The Effects of Working with Latino Students In The Classroom As Well As Outside To Ensure Success in Mathematics


The proportion of Latino students in American schools continues to increase and has been doing so for many years. Education programs work with prospective teachers to be culturally relevant and responsive to a diverse student population. For Latino students, and their teachers, however, there is often the cultural aspect of language that further complicates the education process. As a White teacher in a school whose diversity is growing, this is a concern of mine. In this reflective action research project, I will be revisiting culturally responsive teaching strategies and examining the effectiveness of them with my Latino students. I will be analyzing the success of my Latino students and use new strategies, reflecting on how I make modifications to ensure their success and understanding of mathematics. Finally, I will reflect on the progress of my students and concerns I still have.


Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
Last modified: 1/13/2023 3:40 PM (EDT)