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TITLE:  A Review of Research on the Effectiveness of a Flipped Learning Structure in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms

ABSTRACT:  The traditional structure of a secondary mathematics classroom places the teacher at the center of instruction.  Students quietly sit in rows of desks taking notes while the teacher delivers a lecture.  Worksheets filled with practice problems are handed out at the end of each class period to serve as the daily homework assignment.  In a flipped-classroom environment, these two modes of instruction switch places.  New content is delivered as homework through a pre-recorded video lesson, while in-person classroom time is spent in a variety of engaging activities.  This thesis is an extensive literature review on the effectiveness of a flipped learning structure versus a traditional structure in secondary mathematics classrooms.  In general, the studies reported a positive benefit for students in the flipped model, but results were mixed.  Students found higher motivation and engagement while participating in a flipped classroom.  A comparison of academic results showed positive gains, but most of the gains were not considered statistically significant.  The flipped structure is a relatively new addition to the instruction strategies used by teachers.  More research will be needed on the effects of the flipped classroom model.  With the use of technology continuing to increase math classrooms, an increase in research on flipped learning is sure to follow.

COMPLETED:  November 2020

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