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John Coleman

TITLE:  Developing and Practicing Growth Mindsets in Mathematics

ABSTRACT:  The idea of growth and fixed mindset is a relatively new term in the field of education (Dweck, 2007). Of all the subjects in school, mathematics is where growth mindset is most needed (Boaler, 2016). Boaler and Dweck have led the research in this subject, along with other researchers and teachers who have developed interventions to help students attain growth mindset in mathematics. The age, gender, and race of the students, as well as the length of the intervention planned (lesson, unit, course) varies for the different interventions. The idea behind growth and fixed mindset is understanding how the brain works and what a person feels and thinks about learning and intelligence. Growth mindset asserts that the brain is malleable, hence allowing for growth, as opposed to remaining fixed regardless of effort.

COMPLETED:  December 2019

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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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