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Jesse Maloney

TITLE: An examination of the perceived benefits of diverse out-of-class learning opportunities in an urban middle school



This document examines the perceived benefits by students of increasing diverse out-of-class learning opportunities (OOCLOs) in an urban middle school. Out-of-class learning opportunities were activities that took place outside of the traditional classroom environment. These experiences were comprised of volunteering, exploring, engaging in community planning, and many others. The frequency of the OOCLOs was approximately once per week. The goal of the out-of-class learning opportunities was to give students additional means to experience life outside of their milieus. It was our hope that if we afforded these additional opportunities to students, they would in turn benefit from the experiences.The study examines the perceived benefits of these learning opportunities by alumni who were student participants during the 2009-2011 school years.




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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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