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Political Science

Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Develop an understanding of the discipline of political science, the four primary subfields, and the accompanying terminology and methodology.

1.A Students will identify key concepts and theories within the discipline of political science and its four subfields. 

1.B Students will apply qualitative and/or quantitative methods in the study of political science. 

Goal 2: Develop civic knowledge and practice civic engagement. 

2.A Students will develop civic knowledge of the American political system and their role within it. 

2.B Students will develop civic knowledge of the world at large and their role as global citizens. 

2.C Students will practice the civic engagement skills of collaboration, service, and/or media literacy. 

Goal 3: Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the discipline of political science across each of the four subfields.

3.A Students will critically analyze arguments and evidence. 

3.B Students will assess operations of power. 

Goal 4: Conduct political science research and assess the merits of sources. 

4.A Students will evaluate the merits of sources. 

4.B Students will accurately cite sources using the APSA style guide. 

Goal 5: Communicate political science concepts and arguments effectively across all four subfields. 

5.A Students will orally present original research to a faculty member(s) and peers. 

5.B Students will integrate evidence into their writing. 

5.C Students will organize their writing with coherent paragraphs with transitions. 

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