Student Learning Outcomes for Academic Programs


Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will develop skills in researching, critical thinking, data analysis, and oral & written communication. 

1.A Students develop their critical thinking skills.

1.B Students will conduct research and analyze data. Students will learn where to find primary sources and historical scholarship in databases and libraries, as well as how to evaluate their sources.

1.C Students will communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. i. Oral presentations: Students will give presentations on their research in the senior and sophomore seminars. ii. Written work: Student will learn to write and incorporate their thesis in introductions to writing; smoothly integrate evidence into writing; organize their writing with coherent paragraphs, transitions, and flow of ideas; and create correct citations following the Chicago style.

Goal 2: Students develop the skills and methods of historical scholars.

2.A Students will know basic terminology in history.

2.B Students will learn and apply methods of historians in writing and research.

2.C Students will learn how to formulate interpretations of history that convey human agency, context, and continuity and change.

Goal 3: Students learn knowledge about the past in at least three geographic regions. 

3.A Students learn knowledge about historical geography, historical actors, social movements and ideas, and events of significance in at least three geographic regions.

Goal 4: Demonstrate a working knowledge of what it takes to transform from student to professional and how to effectively use the college career to successfully make the shift. 

4.A Students take self-assessments (Strengthsfinder, Traitify, etc.) to determine strengths and interests and determine suitable careers of interest. 

4.B Students produce a career development plan that includes a curricular and co-curricular plan, identifies several careers of interest, and a resume. 

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