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Alison Criss

TITLE:   What did I learn as an urban high school English teacher about how to begin YPAR from implementing YPAR for the first time?



Research of Youth Participatory Action Research has been largely dominated by scholars who elevate the methodology used and products made by students and researchers rather than the foundational elements on how to begin the work. This paper aims to uncover the multi-dimensional underpinnings that lead to successful and sustainable YPAR projects in a core English classroom. In this paper, I survey the theoretical foundations of YPAR scholarship and explore the rich histories and traditions of critical pedagogies. As a teacher-researcher, I use an action-research study to examine the knowledge, relationships, and pedagogies necessary to begin YPAR at an urban high school. Through semi-structured journals, I recount my own experience as a facilitator, critically analyze my lessons and teaching strategies, and reflect on the necessary pedagogies, activities and frameworks necessary for beginning critical action research alongside youth.


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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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