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Title: Successes and Challenges of Argumentation in Urban Science Classrooms: A Review of Literature

Abstract: This study reviewed the existing literature and sought to answer the following question: according to research, what successes and challenges do urban secondary science teachers and scholars experience as they implement argument-driven activities in the science classroom? Argument-driven activities are those that attempts to engage secondary school science scholars in argument from evidence and reasoning to defend and critique claims and explanations about natural phenomena. Research suggests that one of the biggest obstacles to engaging scholars in argumentation is the general lack of argumentation activities currently being offered in science secondary classrooms. Secondary science scholars that do engage in scientific argument in the science classroom demonstrate better understanding of science concepts and science practices than scholars who do not participate in argument. Use of claim-evidence-reasoning frameworks, consensus-building goals, dialogic pedagogy, and culturally responsive instruction show promise in engaging scholars in quality argument justified in evidence. 

Completed: December 2021

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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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