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Therese O'Meara

TITLE:  School-based Mental Health Supports for Students of Color: A of Review Literature

ABSTRACT:  The mental health needs of students are greatly impacting their progress within their educational programming, especially during the adolescent years which is the onset age of many mental health disorders (Malla et al., 2015). With one in five youth in the United States having a mental health disorder and 75% of those youth not receiving services (Kataoka et al., 2002), there is an epidemic of youth whose needs are going unmet. In addition, Minnesota‚Äôs educational racial disparities are some of highest in the nation (Migambi & Neal, 2018). From this, we need to better evaluate how the intersection of race and mental health impact our adolescent youth. This literature review examines the many challenges that our students of color face and offer beginning solutions in how we can better provide supports within their educational programming. Overall, there needs to be an increase in culturally and linguistically equitable school-based mental health programs in order to meet the daily demands of our student population. 

COMPLETED:  November 2020

Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
Last modified: 1/13/2023 3:40 PM (EDT)