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Garrett Lee

TITLE:  Can iPads or Other Smart Mobile Technology Devices Support the Creation of a Positive Learning Environment for High School Science Students? A Review of Literature

ABSTRACT:  The use of educational and information technology continues to increase in the education of secondary science students.  Many educators believe that information technology, such as the use of iPads and other tablet devices, increases teachers’ ability to differentiate the educational experiences for all students. Despite this potential benefit, critics argue students may also become distracted by the use of personal devices throughout the school day; for example, accessing games, or internet sites instead of academic material. A review of research will examine the effectiveness of personal devices such as iPads and tablets in supporting positive learning environments for high school students in secondary science courses. Research literature will include recent journals on the effectiveness of using technology to assist with implementing forms of differentiated learning. Research material covered in this review includes learning content through self-paced instruction, guided programs created by teachers, and the kinds of instructional environments supporting self-paced instruction using personal computing devices.



Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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