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CTE - Family and Consumer Science

Standards Acc. 2020

Professional Technical and Family and Consumer Science Standards

Career Technical Foundation Standards (acc. 2020)

Endorsement Overview

ISU recommends the following endorsements:

(45 credit) Family & Consumer Sciences 6-12

Course Catalog | Secondary Education


Performance Evidence 

Family & Consumer Science Portfolio (Taskstream)

Course Alignment to Standards Matrix (.docx)

Assessment Reports (password protected)



FCS 1100X      XX  
FCS 2209X          
FCS 2229X     X X  
FCS 3314X     X X  
FCS 4429X       X  
FCS 4431       XX  
FCS 4435        X  
FCS 4470        X  
NTD 1104        X  
NTD 2204        X  
NTD 2239        X  
EDUC 2201        X  
CTE 4401X          
BED 3341,42,43XXXXX   X  X
EDUC 3309   X      X X



Alternate Performance Measure

Competency-Based Fulfillment - limited

In order to best serve the students who choose to become FCS teachers we have tried to be as open and flexible in how we honor student’s prior experience.  This is also an option for those coming from culinary institutes where significant content is covered but course work is not transferable into the institution.

In collaboration with the COE advising office and after ongoing conversations with the student, we do have the ability and have offered a Competency Based option to meet some content requirements.  Students complete lesson plans that support he competency they are trying to fulfill, align them to standards and record evidence of them teaching the lesson.

Competency Based fulfillment does not come with credit and is offered on a case-by-case basis. 


Knowledge Documentation Collection

The repository for documentation is ISU Box.com. Select the appropriate evidence type below and attach the documents to an email. A new window will open addressed to @box.com in a new window. A confirmation email will be sent to your ISU email account.


Upload syallabi and assignment guidelines via email

Attach advising documentation or other knowledge evidence 

View documentation

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