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Ayan Ibrahim

Title:  How Can Schools Communicate and Work with Immigrant Parents to Increase Involvement to Help Multilingual Children Be Successful in Schools?

Abstract:  Studies have shown that multilingual parents and schools have difficulties interacting with one another. It is difficult for parents who do not speak the language to be involved and be present at school activities in the United States because of the linguistic barriers between multilingual (individuals who speak multiple languages) families and educators. This results in immigrant parents not knowing what support their children need to succeed in their education. This literature examines two different lenses of parents' involvement: Immigrant parents' involvement with their children’s schools and schools' commitment to immigrant parents. The lack of cooperation between immigrant parents and schools leads to a communication gap that may affect the student’s school performance. From this thesis, readers will understand ways schools can support immigrant parents to be active participants in their children's education. This literature review also examines the numerous issues that multilingual parents face and the resources that schools can provide to assist immigrant parents in taking an active role in their children's education. Therefore, schools must be culturally aware of their students' cultures and invest in initiatives that encourage parents to join school events by having the support they require that translate things into their language. This support would allow immigrant parents to come into school knowing that their questions and concerns will be addressed without worrying about verbal communication.

Completed:  May 2021

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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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