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Anna Santori-Hilfers

TITLE:   Communication Methods Between Mothers and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Preceding an In-Home Parent Training Programming


This qualitative study examined communication methods between culturally diverse urban mothers and children with autism preceding an in-home parent training programming. The understanding of pre-established mother and child communication prior to the start of parent training helps professionals to determine culturally applicable and effective in-home programming. Data was collected through 5 semi-structured interviews (n=5) with mothers of children with autism enrolled in individualized in-home autism therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA) consultation. Grounded theory methods and open coding were used to analyze codes in the data to record common themes from interviews. Themes found from this study were separated into two categories: receptive language and expressive language. Implications from this study suggest ideas for future research to improve treatments and clinical interventions that are provided for culturally diverse urban families and their children who have autism. 


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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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