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Waleid Hassan

TITLE:  What Are the Workplace Factors That Contribute to Teachers of Color Seriously Considering Leaving the Profession Completely?

ABSTRACT:  For the past three decades, the percentage of teachers of color has fluctuated between 16% – 20% in the U.S. (NCES, 2013 & NCES 2017b). This small percentage of teachers of color is a problem because it has been reported through research and scholarship that teachers of color are beneficial for all students, white and of color, in many ways. Upon deeper examination of this issue, it has been found that teachers of color leave the profession at a higher rate than white teachers (Ingersoll, 2015). The present study was designed as a phenomenological study to examine the perceived experiences of teachers of color who have left or seriously considered leaving the profession to gain insight into the factors that have lead them to leave or seriously consider leaving the profession.


Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
Last modified: 1/13/2023 3:40 PM (EDT)